Psychic Reading - Tarot Cards

Jane Shaw Cunningham, Psychic Predictions

Deep in the mists of time, Tarot cards were used in the mysterious East. It was in the 14th Century that Tarot cards appeared in Europe. The symbols allow powerful insights into ones spiritual journey. The psychic power contained in the ether that spans space and time exerts an influence on the nervous system of the reader who shuffles the cards and the client who selects them. The cards are then spread and the reader translates the significance and meaning of the chosen cards.

Psychic predictions ~ Sand reading

Jane Shaw Cunningham, Psychic Predictions

The art of Sand Reading was practised by Native American Indians. It is known to only a few. The reader would draw a circle in the sand and would ask the person seeking guidance to draw intuitively in the sand and focus on their aspirations. The reader would focus on the formation in the sand and pass on the wisdom of the ancient spirits to the individual, who would remain completely silent. The skill of the reader is realised as the divination is carried out without any verbal 'clues'.

Psychic Predictions ~ Mahjong and dice

mahjong, Psychic Predictions

Mahjong, a game played with 144 tiles originated in the Far East. Traditionally the tiles were blocks of ivory with beautifully carved symbols. The tiles can be used as a means of divination. Each have a meaning and the reader interprets the symbols selected by the client. Dice throwing has been a means of fortune telling for thousands of years. In ancient times bones were used and over time dice have been made of amber, crystal, ivory, pottery and selected woods.

Psychic Reading ~ Fire reading and twig casting

Fire reading, Psychic Predictions

Most of us have experienced the warm, soothing trance-like state that is achieved by staring into the flames of an open fire; perhaps some primeval part of our psyche is awakened and transports us back to a time when prehistoric humans gathered around fire for warmth and protection. Fire reading is another form of scrying. Staring deep into the flames puts the clairvoyant into a meditative state enabling projections into the past present and future.