Jane Shaw Cunningham

Jane Shaw Cunningham, Psychic Predictions

Jane was born in Singapore and raised by her grandmother, who was a therapist and psychic. At the age of four Jane discovered that she also had a psychic gift

After 13 years assimilating eastern culture and philosophies in China, Thailand and Malaysia, she then moved with her grandmother to India. Here, under the guidance of an Indian master, she cultivated her knowledge of spirituality, Ayurveda, complimentary therapies and clairvoyancy.

At the age of 16, on the death of her grandmother, Jane moved to England, which has remained her primary base ever since.

Jane returned to India for a time, where she worked with Mother Teresa assisting the sick. Later, she spent time treating children and careworkers in Romania, as well as teaching massage and Aromatherapy to Romanian students.

Her many voluntary activities in England have included raising money through her clairvoyance work and as a therapist; lecturing and practising to assist the London Lighthouse, Mencap, Macmillan, the homeless, drug centres and hospices.

Jane has worked as a clairvoyant in many countries and continues to offer spiritual guidance to her client's abroad.